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Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: How To Apply

Immigration policies can be challenging to understand, especially concerning social causes. As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, the UK has stepped in with measures to assist those affected. As a result, the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme provides solace and security for many seeking refuge from the conflict.

For a deeper understanding of the specifics surrounding UK visas for Ukraine refugees and expert guidance throughout the application process, Birmingham Immigration Lawyers can help. Contact our dedicated team at 0121 667 6530 for comprehensive assistance.

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    What Is The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine)

    The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, known as “Homes for Ukraine,” is a recent initiative by the UK government. It was developed as a response to the conflict in Ukraine, aiming to provide temporary relief for displaced Ukrainian nationals.

    This scheme allows UK residents to sponsor Ukrainian nationals, offering them temporary residence in the UK. This is about more than just providing a roof. It’s about integrating Ukrainian nationals into the community.

    Sponsored individuals gain access to essential public services, work opportunities, and the chance to rebuild a normal life.

    The government facilitates the process while UK sponsors open their homes. A combination of private generosity and public support provides safe havens for displaced Ukrainians.

    Sponsored Ukrainian nationals don’t just gain physical safety. They also benefit from a community ready to support them, making the transition smoother and less isolating. This reinforces the UK’s stance as a country ready to aid those in need through its values of humanitarianism and international cooperation.

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      Eligibility Criteria For The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

      The UK government details a set of criteria Ukrainian nationals must adhere to be considered for the Homes for Ukraine program.

      Eligibility Criteria

      Proof of Nationality

      A valid Ukrainian international passport is essential. This not only confirms the applicant’s identity but also ensures that the individual indeed hails from Ukraine and is affected by the ongoing situation.

      Displacement Status

      The primary beneficiaries of this scheme are those displaced due to adverse circumstances in Ukraine. Therefore, evidence of such displacement is critical. This might include documents showing previous residence in conflict zones, testimonials, or official declarations. The UK government recognises the sensitivity of this situation and assesses each case with due diligence.

      Health Declaration

      All applicants must provide a health declaration. While this is not a thorough medical examination, it aims to understand if the individual has any severe medical conditions. The intent is not to discriminate but to ensure that the UK’s health services are prepared to respond to special needs upon arrival.

      Age Restrictions and Considerations for Applicants Under 18

      The welfare of minors is essential, and as such, there are additional checks and balances in place:

      Guardian Consent

      Minors must present a consent form or letter indicating approval from their parents or legal guardians. This document is a critical safeguard, ensuring minors are not being moved against their will unless they have the approval of their primary caregivers.

      Travel Arrangements

      Minors, especially those below 16, should ideally have a responsible adult accompanying them during their journey. If a minor travels solo, they might be subject to extra checks or interventions by UK authorities to guarantee their safety.

      Sponsorship Environment

      It’s not just about finding a home for minors. It’s about ensuring that this new environment is safe. As such, potential sponsors for minors undergo extensive checks. This might involve home visits, interviews, or references to ensure that the residing environment is conducive and safe for a minor.

      Homes for Ukraine UK Sponsorship Scheme: The Sponsor Requirements

      Home for Ukraine, also known as the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, is built on the generosity of UK residents who want to open their homes to Ukrainians in need. Sponsors play a crucial role, so they must meet specific eligibility and responsibility requirements.

      Requirements of UK Sponsors

      • The primary requirement is that sponsors must be legally residing in the UK. This can be confirmed through documentation such as utility bills, council tax statements, or any other official correspondence that states the sponsor’s address.
      • Before hosting, sponsors should ensure sufficient space and amenities to accommodate their guests. This does not strictly mean a separate room, but the living arrangements should be safe, clean, and comfortable.
      • While the scheme does come with some financial assistance, sponsors should have a stable source of income to support the additional household members. This isn’t about luxury but ensuring basic needs are consistently met.
      • For the safety and security of all parties involved, potential sponsors will undergo mandatory background checks. This includes criminal record checks to ensure the environment is safe for the incoming Ukrainian individuals or families.
      • This initiative isn’t a short-term commitment. Sponsors should be mentally and emotionally prepared to support their guests for the entire scheme.

      Responsibilities of UK Sponsors

      • Apart from providing shelter, sponsors play a role in helping Ukrainians incorporate into UK society. This might involve assisting them in understanding local customs, finding schools for children, or even helping them learn English.
      • While the scheme provides some aid, sponsors may need to assist with day-to-day expenses, ensuring their guests have food, clothing, and other essentials.
      • The psychological impact on displaced Ukrainians can be huge. Sponsors should be prepared to offer emotional support, understanding, and patience as their guests adjust to a new environment.
      • Should a Ukrainian guest fall ill or need medical attention, sponsors should guide them to the appropriate services in the UK. Additionally, they should be alert about the overall well-being of their guests, ensuring they’re comfortable and safe

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        When considering the difficulty of Ukrainians seeking refuge, special consideration must be given to children. Often, the most vulnerable face unique challenges and require specific provisions to ensure their safety, well-being, and smooth integration into UK society.

        Accompanying Parents or Legal Guardians

        • Children travelling with their parents or legal guardians must have proper identification. Birth certificates or documents showing the legal relationship between the child and the guardian are mandatory. In cases where the child is only accompanied by one parent, written consent from the other parent or legal documentation indicating sole custody is essential.
        • Children are typically included in the visa application of the parent or legal guardian. It’s critical to provide all necessary details to ensure the child’s entry and stay are legitimate.
        • Just like adults, children must undergo health screenings. Particular attention is given to vaccinations and other health requirements specific to their age.

        Unaccompanied Minors or Those Joining Later

        • For children travelling alone or intending to join a family member later, a designated guardian in the UK is vital. This person takes on the responsibility of the child’s welfare and must meet all the sponsor requirements detailed in the previous section.
        • The UK government places a high priority on the safety and well-being of minor applicants. Regular welfare checks, pre-arrival and post-settlement, ensure the child’s living conditions are satisfactory.
        • Incorporating into the UK education system is crucial. Provisions must be made for school enrolments, ensuring the child receives an education comparable to UK standards. For older children, vocational training or higher education opportunities might be explored.
        • Displaced children often bear emotional scars from the trauma they’ve experienced. Access to counselling or therapy services is essential, and sponsors should be attentive to any signs of distress or mental health issues.

        How To Apply For The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

        The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme offers a chance of hope to many displaced Ukrainians. To ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for both sponsors and beneficiaries, a clear understanding of the application process is crucial.

        For Ukrainian Beneficiaries

        Refugees must be Ukrainian nationals or immediate family members of Ukrainians. Their identification primarily requires a valid Ukrainian international passport. Alternative forms of identification might be considered in exceptional cases when a passport is unavailable due to circumstances.

        The integrity and character of the applicant are of utmost importance. As such, the applicant should not have any criminal record that could be considered a potential threat to the UK or its residents. A crucial condition to meet is the residency requirement. Only those residing in Ukraine before January 1, 2022, are considered for this sponsorship.

        Finding a UK Sponsor

        The most important step for Ukrainian beneficiaries is finding a willing sponsor in the UK. This search can be challenging, but various resources can ease the process.

        Community networks are vital, with many immigrant communities actively assisting newcomers. Social media platforms also play a significant role in connecting potential sponsors with beneficiaries. Additionally, several charitable organisations and NGOs are explicitly established to bridge the gap between Ukrainian refugees and potential UK sponsors, simplifying the search process.

        Application Submission

        Once a sponsor is identified, the application process commences. The designated application form for the scheme can be retrieved from the official UK government website. The form should be filled with utmost accuracy and honesty. Alongside the application, a photocopy of the valid passport or the alternative identification should be attached.

        Background Checks

        Safety is the top priority. Therefore, once the application is submitted, expect to undergo rigorous background checks. These checks are in place to safeguard both the Ukrainian beneficiaries and their potential UK sponsors. This process ensures that both parties can confidently engage in the sponsorship scheme, knowing that all measures have been taken to protect them.

        Awaiting the Decision

        The wait can be stressful. After fulfilling all requirements and submitting the necessary documentation, the application is reviewed. This process can take a few weeks, but once completed, applicants are usually informed of the decision promptly.

        For UK Sponsors

        UK residents should be able to prove their residency within the UK. Beyond that, they must demonstrate their capability to provide suitable living accommodations for the Ukrainian beneficiary, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment.

        Sponsorship Categories

        Potential sponsors can fall into one of three categories. They can be a single individual, a whole family unit willing to provide shelter, or a community group working collectively to sponsor one or multiple beneficiaries.

        Application Submission

        Sponsors also undergo an application process. The necessary forms can be accessed via the official UK government website. Along with the form, sponsors should submit proof of residency and other required documentation to corroborate their eligibility.

        Background Checks

        Just as the beneficiaries undergo checks, UK sponsors are subject to comprehensive safety checks. This process ensures that the environment provided to the beneficiaries is safe and conducive for resettlement.

        Support and Responsibilities

        A sponsor isn’t just about providing shelter for someone. Sponsors help beneficiaries become fully integrated into the UK social system. Among these responsibilities are assisting with GP registration and school admissions if children are involved, as well as helping them adjust to a new way of life in the UK.

        Financial Support

        The UK government acknowledges the sacrifices and efforts of sponsors. As a token of appreciation and support, sponsors receive £350 per month for the first year of the beneficiary’s stay. After the first year, this sum increases to £500 monthly.

        Termination Protocols

        If circumstances change and a sponsor ends the sponsorship earlier than planned, they must notify the UK authorities. According to the circumstances, it is possible to transfer sponsorship.

        Application Fees and Costs

        The financial aspect of the application process is quite lenient. Remarkably, there’s no fee attached to the UK visa application under the Ukraine Family Scheme or the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme. Beneficiaries are further relieved from the immigration health surcharge and the biometric enrolment fee, ensuring minimal financial burden during this challenging period.

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          What Happens After The Application Is Submitted & Processing Times


          Once you’ve submitted your application for the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, the waiting begins. Here’s a breakdown of what happens next:

          • The UK government, in coordination with their Ukrainian counterparts and international organisations, will review your application for completeness and validity. This involves checking that all necessary documents have been provided and are authentic.
          • All applicants will undergo security checks to ensure they do not pose any risk. This is a standard procedure for all visa applications to the UK. Health screenings, especially for contagious diseases, might also be required to ensure the safety and well-being of the applicant and the UK public.
          • Some applicants might be called in for interviews, which could be conducted at the British Embassy or Consulate in Ukraine or via a video call. This is particularly true for cases with uncertainty or needing further clarification.
          • The UK’s visa processing system will notify applicants of the status of their application. This can range from requests for additional information, notification of an impending interview, or the final decision on the application.
          • Successful applicants will be issued a visa. The visa will detail the duration of the stay, the name and details of the sponsor, and other essential information. It’s crucial to ensure all the details on the visa are accurate.
          • Before leaving Ukraine, some organisations or the British Embassy might provide orientation sessions for beneficiaries. These are designed to prepare them for life in the UK, covering topics such as culture, laws, rights, and responsibilities.


          Processing Times

          Given the situation’s urgency and the high volume of applications, the UK government has dedicated significant resources to expedite the processing times for the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme. However, the exact time can vary based on several factors:

          • Periods with a high volume of applications might see slight delays.
          • Applications that are complete and have all necessary documents attached will naturally be processed faster. Missing documents or information can lead to delays.
          • In some cases, if there’s a delay in receiving security clearance, it might impact the processing time.

          Generally, under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, preliminary reviews and acknowledgements are sent within 1-2 weeks of application submission. However, the entire process, from submission to visa issuance, can take 4 to 8 weeks.

          How Long Is The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine) Valid For?

          The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, more commonly referred to as the “Homes for Ukraine” programme, is designed to provide temporary accommodation for Ukrainians in the homes of UK residents. It’s essential to understand the duration and conditions of stay under this scheme:

          Validity Period

          The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme usually grants successful applicants a visa valid for an initial period of 12 months. This means that Ukrainians entering the UK under this scheme can legally stay, work, and access public services for a year.


          After the initial 12-month period, beneficiaries can extend their stay under the same sponsorship conditions, provided both the sponsor and the beneficiary mutually agree. The government may specify a maximum extension limit, but the duration might vary based on policy updates.

          Extensions are not automatic. Beneficiaries must apply for an extension before their visa expires, ensuring all required documentation is in place.

          Any changes in sponsorship during the initial period or extension might require notification or a new application.

          Work and Study

          Beneficiaries under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme have the right to work in the UK during the validity of their visa. There are no restrictions on the type of employment, but regular UK labour laws and protections apply.

          Additionally, they can pursue studies in UK institutions. However, they may not qualify for home student status, affecting tuition fees and eligibility for certain scholarships.

          Access to Public Services

          Ukrainians under this scheme can access public services like healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS) and other welfare benefits. The specific services available depend on individual circumstances and local council policies.

          Transition to Other Visa Categories

          Depending on individual circumstances and the UK’s immigration policies, beneficiaries might have the opportunity to transition to other visa categories after their stay under the sponsorship scheme. This could include skilled worker visas, student visas, or other pathways, provided they meet the respective criteria.

          Return or Relocation

          If beneficiaries choose not to extend their stay or if they don’t transition to another visa category, they would need to return to Ukraine or move to another country where they have legal permission to reside.

          The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, given its humanitarian intent, has certain flexibilities. Still, it’s always essential to know the specific duration and conditions to ensure compliance and make informed decisions about the future.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    For sponsoring a Ukrainian under the UK’s “Homes for Ukraine” scheme, hosts receive a monthly payment of £350 to help cover added expenses. For those who provide long-term accommodation, this amount increases to £500 monthly. Additionally, new arrivals are granted a one-time payment of £200. Therefore, hosts can potentially receive up to £650 per month, paid in arrears. Importantly, this payment does not impact tax or benefits.

                    Ukrainians can consult organisations like Birmingham Immigration Lawyers, local community hubs, or UK-based Ukrainian community centres for assistance in finding potential hosts.

                    A Ukrainian citizen can stay in the UK for up to three years under the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (HUSS).

                    To verify your identity as a sponsor, provide a valid passport or government-issued ID. Include recent bank statements and, if employed, your employment letters and payslips. Proof of accommodation, such as a rental agreement, is necessary. Also, prepare a sponsor’s declaration and consider adding a third-party support letter for endorsement.