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Ukraine Family Scheme: How To Apply

The Ukraine Family Scheme represents the UK’s comprehensive response to the needs of Ukrainian nationals seeking to reunite with their family members in the UK. Against global challenges, such initiatives demonstrate a country’s commitment to family unity. Navigating the specifics of this scheme can be complicated, and professional guidance is often essential to a successful application.

Our Birmingham Immigration Lawyers provide expertise based on years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of immigration law. For dedicated and comprehensive assistance with the Ukraine Family Scheme, contact our expert team at 0121 667 6530.

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    What is The Ukraine Family Scheme: An Overview

    The Ukraine Family Scheme, introduced by the UK government, is a testament to the nation’s commitment to humanitarian outreach and support, especially during international crises.

    Originating as a response to the challenges and disruptions faced by Ukraine, this scheme was conceived to provide relief and offer a secure passage for Ukrainians with family ties in the UK.

    Purpose and Reason for the Implementation of the Scheme

    In recent years, Ukraine has dealt with a series of socio-political and military challenges. These events have resulted in the displacement of countless individuals, many of whom have sought refuge in various parts of the world. Recognising the escalating crisis and its potential consequences, the UK government introduced the Ukraine Family Scheme.

    The primary aim of this initiative is to streamline the process for Ukrainian nationals, enabling them to join their family members already residing in the UK.

    The scheme demonstrates the UK’s dedication to not only offer sanctuary to those in dire need but also to strengthen the familial bonds that span across borders.

    By implementing the Ukraine Family Scheme, the UK seeks to ease some of the burdens of Ukrainian nationals and stabilise them in these trying times.

    Whom is it Intended For?

    The Ukraine Family Scheme is designed for Ukrainian nationals with family connections in the UK.

    This includes a broad spectrum of family ties, ranging from immediate family members, such as spouses, children, and parents, to extended family members, which may include grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and more.

    The scheme is not solely restricted to those currently residing in Ukraine. It also assists Ukrainian nationals who might have initially fled to a different country but are seeking to relocate to the UK to be closer to their family.

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      Ukraine Family Scheme Eligibility

      The Ukraine Family Scheme applies to family members in the UK residing in the UK.

      Age Criteria

      Any Ukrainian national, regardless of age, can apply.

      Minors’ Special Status

      • Minors, especially those under 18, are given special attention.
      • A legal guardian is essential for children travelling without their parents, or they should have documented permission if they travel alone.
      • The UK has strict child protection protocols, ensuring the minor’s safety and welfare.

      Relationship to UK-based Individual

      Immediate Family Clarifications

      • This includes spouses, parents, siblings, and children.
      • When assessing, the UK authorities will closely examine the genuineness of the relationship. For instance, how long a marriage has been in place or if a child is still financially dependent.

      Extended Family Specifics

      • This category includes relationships like grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.
      • A genuine bond must be demonstrated by regular letters, proof of phone calls, past visits, or even financial support.

      Financial Standing

      For the Self-reliant

      Bank statements showing stable finances and employment letters and payslips from Ukraine should be provided to prove that those paying the bills can support themselves in the UK without heavily relying on public welfare.

      Sponsorship Mechanics

      If the UK-based relative is the financial backbone, the application should have a solid sponsorship declaration. This declaration should be supported by the sponsor’s financial proof, like bank statements, payslips, or even tax returns.

      Vital Documentation

      • Beyond a valid passport, it’s wise to support the application with additional proof of identification. Among these are recent photographs, expired visas, and other national identification cards.
      • The primary proof is marriage and birth certificates, but long-spanning photographs, heartfelt letters, detailed emails, and even records of joint travels can also help.
      • Having a strong bank balance isn’t the only sign of financial stability. In addition to pay slips, employment contracts, property deeds, and even commitment proofs such as insurance policies or ongoing loans, the application can also be strengthened.

      UK Stay Duration Intentions

      The Ukraine Family Scheme’s ultimate goal is family reunification. However, the intent to temporarily stay or permanently shift can influence the application’s progress. A description of the purpose of the move can be helpful if it relates to Ukraine’s current socio-political situation.

      Health and Character Evaluations

      The UK mandates health checks for specific conditions depending on the individual originating region in Ukraine. Tuberculosis tests may be considered necessary for some individuals.

      Applicants should have no significant criminal records. They should also have no violations in their previous immigration dealings, not just in the United Kingdom but worldwide.

      UK-Based Family Member Overview

      Family connections provide comfort, support, and a sense of belonging. Recognising the invaluable role families play in our lives, the UK has introduced the Ukraine Family Scheme. This initiative aims to bridge the geographical gap separating Ukrainian nationals from their families in the UK. By distinguishing between immediate and extended family members, the scheme seeks to ensure a transparent and well-structured reunification process.

      Immediate Family Members

      As part of the Ukraine Family Scheme, immediate family is at the core of our social structure and includes:

      Spouses or civil partners

      A legally recognised marriage or civil partnership stands as testimony to this bond. This recognition considers the depth and duration of the relationship.


      It primarily addresses minors, but provisions exist for older children with disabilities or special needs, ensuring they do not fall behind.


      Parents offer a nurturing environment that is irreplaceable and invaluable for minor applicants.

      Marriage certificates, birth certificates, adoption papers, and legal guardianship proofs are often required to verify these relationships.

      Extended Family Members

      Beyond the members of the immediate family lies the broader expanse of extended kin:

      Unmarried partners

      Relationships that mirror the commitment of marriage come under this. Such relationships, even if not legally bound by matrimony, are acknowledged if there’s solid proof, like years of partnership, shared responsibilities, or joint financial engagements.

      Grandparents and grandchildren

      It is common for grandparents to assume caregiving roles, especially in challenging circumstances, which are based on mutual affection and sometimes dependency. In addition, grandparents may also need the support of their grandchildren in their twilight years.

      Other relatives

      This category embraces a diverse range of familial connections. Whether it’s an aunt or uncle who has been a guiding figure or a cousin who’s more like a sibling, these ties are undeniable. When applying under this category, the strength of the relationship is under the scanner. Demonstrable evidence, financial support, shared residences, or a rich history of mutual life events can significantly strengthen the application’s merit.

      It takes a comprehensive approach to establish these familial links. Applicants might need to furnish lease agreements, joint account statements, shared utility bills, or even personal testimonies, letters, and pictures that capture milestones or memorable moments shared.

      Can I apply for the Ukrainian family scheme outside and inside the UK?

      Reuniting Ukrainian families stands at the heart of the Ukraine Family Scheme. Recognising the varied circumstances that individuals might find themselves in, the UK Government has designed the scheme to be accessible to Ukrainian nationals irrespective of their current geographic location. Here’s a more in-depth look at the application process from outside and within the UK.

      Applying from Outside the UK

      Comprehensive documentation is essential to building a strong application. Essential documents include identity proofs and evidence of the familial relationship with a UK-based individual. Depending on the case, it might also be wise to include past travel records to the UK, any visa histories, and potential letters explaining reasons for previous departures from the UK.

      Identifying the nearest visa application centre in the current country of residence and becoming familiar with it is imperative. These centres can be used to submit documents and conduct interviews or additional checks.

      The geographical distance and international communication can often delay the processing time for applications made from abroad. While the UK Government endeavours to expedite the process, factors such as a high volume of applications, detailed verification procedures, and international logistics might introduce delays.

      Applying from Inside the UK

      The Ukraine Family Scheme exhibits flexibility, especially for individuals on an expired visa status. In a departure from typical protocols, this scheme offers an opportunity, allowing these individuals to apply without facing negative consequences.

      The modern digital framework ensures the convenience of online applications. Most preliminary steps, including form submissions and initial document uploads, can be completed virtually. However, certain phases might necessitate physical visits, particularly for biometric submissions or to furnish additional clarifying documents.

      Being on UK soil might present the advantage of potentially quicker processing times. Yet, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations. It may be easier to process logistics when you are close to the site, but every application goes through a rigorous review process, which can take time.

      Rights during the Application Process

      Immigration can sometimes feel like a challenging experience, no matter how promising it may seem. To ease this journey, the Ukraine Family Scheme ensures that applicants are equipped with a support system.

      They are encouraged to seek advice from qualified legal representatives. Birmingham Immigration Lawyers are here to provide expert assistance every step of the way.

      Assisting with the Ukraine Family Scheme can be simplified with the right guidance. Significantly, for those already in the UK, there’s added peace of mind.

      You can stay within the country while waiting for your application’s decision. This ensures stability and avoids sudden disruptions to daily life. When you trust Birmingham Immigration Lawyers, you choose clarity, simplicity, and assurance.

      Are There Any Fees With Applying For The Scheme?


      The Ukraine Family Scheme, instituted by the UK government, offers hope to many Ukrainians.

      By enabling them to reunite with their family members in the UK, it serves a profound emotional and psychological purpose. But for those who consider this path, it is essential to grasp the financial consequences associated with the scheme. A comprehensive understanding will not only aid in smooth planning but also help set realistic expectations.

      No Direct Application Fee

      There is no direct application fee in the scheme. Understanding the difficulties Ukrainian families face, the UK government has consciously decided to waive the fee. This shows the commitment to providing easy access to the primary application process.

      Consequently, those in need are not deterred from exploring the possibility of family reunions because of financial barriers.

      Other Expenses

      While the direct fee is waived, applicants need to be aware of other associated costs that might arise in the course of the application journey:

      Travel Expenditures

      • The most evident cost is the transportation expense for those relocating from foreign lands to the UK. Depending on the place of origin, flight fares can vary.
      • Beyond international travel, applicants might have to pay for regional transport costs. Visits to local visa application centres or document retrieval can necessitate travel, especially for those residing in vast countries or remote areas.
      • Besides the major travel costs, the budgeting should consider day-to-day additional costs like local commutes, meals during travel, or even accommodation if overnight stays are required.


      • Obtaining official records, such as birth certificates, marriage documents, or legal affidavits, may cost money, depending on the local administrative system.
      • Language barriers can sometimes make life difficult. To ensure seamless comprehension by UK authorities, any document not written in English must undergo professional translation. Subsequently, the authentication of these documents via attestation can be an additional expense.

      Healthcare Provisions

      It is undeniable that the UK’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. To benefit from the National Health Service (NHS), certain categories of applicants might have to pay a healthcare surcharge. While this could be considered an additional expenditure, it guarantees healthcare accessibility.

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        What Happens After I Have Submitted an Application For The Ukrainian Family Scheme

        Applying for the Ukraine Family Scheme is a significant step filled with anticipation and hope. It represents a bridge to reunite Ukrainian families in the UK. However, the post-submission period is a complicated phase that applicants should be well-prepared for.

        The Initial Review Phase

        As your application is processed into the official system, it undergoes an initial review. This preliminary phase ensures all submitted documents are in order and the application is complete in all respects. Any obvious mistakes or inconsistencies are flagged, potentially triggering requests for additional details.

        The Thorough Verification Stage

        Once past the initial assessment, applications are subjected to a more detailed assessment. The verification process is systematic and seeks to align the applicant’s details with the Ukraine Family Scheme’s laid-down parameters.

        Document Authentication

        All evidence, birth certificates, proof of relationship, or financial records undergo verification. This stage is vital to ascertain the authenticity of claims made in the application.

        Background Checks

        Ensuring the safety of the community is important. Hence, background checks, especially for adult applicants, are conducted. These checks sift through any past criminal records or potential security concerns.

        Processing Time

        While it’s common for applicants to await a decision eagerly, understanding the factors influencing processing times can offer some clarity.

        • It’s important to note that the timeframe for making a decision can vary depending on various aspects.
        • External factors, like political developments or changes in the diplomatic landscape, may indirectly affect processing times.
        • Presented applications, equipped with all necessary documents, are often processed faster than those that require clarification.

        Receiving Communication

        Communication with the authorities is crucial, as it dictates the applicant’s future course of action.

        • Applicants can receive periodic updates regarding the progress of their applications. These updates can range from acknowledging receipt to more detailed information about their progress.
        • Applicants may be summoned for an interview to gather more information about their circumstances or to assess their relationship claims.

        Evaluation of an application

        When the application reaches its conclusion, the verdict can follow one of several courses:

        • An approval grants applicants the licence to reunite with their families in the UK under the scheme’s conditions. This is often accompanied by guidance on the next procedural steps.
        • A rejection, while disappointing, doesn’t mean failure. The refusal is typically supplemented with reasons. These reasons can offer insights, guiding applicants on whether they should consider an appeal, rectify the cited gaps, or reconsider their application strategy.
        • Sometimes, applications might be held in a pending state. This uncertainty often implies that the authorities await external confirmations or further checks.


        When an adverse decision is made, it necessitates more reflective planning for relocation.

        • Depending on the refusal’s grounds, applicants might have the provision to challenge the verdict. Engaging legal counsel can be beneficial in such scenarios.
        • Reapplying can be an appropriate option when addressing the identified shortcomings.

        How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help

        The Ukraine Family Scheme is often a journey that feels unknown. Understanding eligibility criteria and ensuring every document is accurate is a significant task when applying. Having an experienced guide to ensure timely and favourable outcomes in such a complex field. Even the smallest mistake can result in delays or undesirable outcomes. Immigration lawyers at our firm can assist you in this regard in a clear manner.

        With our experience and commitment, Birmingham Immigration Lawyers ensure that every aspect of your application gets the meticulous attention it deserves. Beyond the complexities, we recognize the immense significance of each application, understanding the aspirations of family reunifications. Our commitment extends beyond paperwork; we strive to provide both expert guidance and emotional support throughout the process.

        Call us at 0121 667 6530, and allow our dedicated team to assist you. With Birmingham Immigration Lawyers, you are navigating with expert help that genuinely cares.

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