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The role of an immigration lawyer: what do they do?

The role of the immigration lawyer is relatively unique in comparison to working in other areas of law. Put simply, an immigration lawyer can work in both a proactive and reactive way, helping you to put together applications to help you both enter and stay in the country, in this case, the United Kingdom.

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What is an immigration lawyer?

An immigration lawyer is a legally qualified representative that you can hire to help you with your immigration case. They can also be called solicitors, advisors or caseworkers. Immigration law is incredibly complex and They can give you legal advice and practical action to take, help you to assemble evidence and write your application, for example, ensuring an individual has the correct visa to exit or enter the country.


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Areas of immigration law

There are many different areas of immigration law your immigration lawyer can provide advice and representation on. This can include working with individuals on visa applications and extensions, businesses, and on asylum seeker applications.

If you are seeking asylum, or are detained, an immigration lawyer can receive public funding to take on your case. In these circumstances, it is best to contact an immigration lawyer for urgent support as soon as possible. An immigration lawyer can come to visit you if you are being detained or speak to you about your case.

Areas of immigration law

The type of visa and how you need to apply will depend on various factors, for example your nationality, whether you are inside or outside the UK and what you would be coming to the country for. Some of these areas are:

  • British nationality 
  • Skilled worker visas to work in the UK 
  • Indefinite leave to remain applications
  • Sponsor licenses for organisations that want to employ people from abroad 
  • Visa applications for entrepreneurs and investors
  • Family and partner visas for partners and relatives to come to the UK, such as Spouse visas, Fiance visas etc
  • Student visas to be able to study in the UK

What can an immigration lawyer help with?

It is not a legal requirement to work with an immigration lawyer to make any form of application for a visa. However immigration law is notoriously complex and changes often, so working with an immigration lawyer is highly recommended.

Most lawyers can offer you advice sessions to first work out what your personal circumstances are and how they can help you. They will need to note down the facts of your case, and it is important to give as much information as you can. For example, your immigration lawyer may ask about:

  • Personal details – yours, your family’s or your employers for example
  • Your criminal and immigration history
  • Your income and work
  • Nationality

Immigration lawyers will help to interpret immigration law in an accessible way for you to understand how to meet all of the requirements of your visa application to ensure you are most likely to succeed. They will also advise you on the evidence and documents you will need to assemble and the next steps you need to take to actually make your application.

If you require more than just advice, an immigration lawyer can write your visa application to the highest standard, as well as ensuring you have all the correct supporting evidence. Most of the time, applications can get rejected because of small errors or missing evidence and an immigration lawyer can help to prevent this from happening. Further, immigration lawyers have many years of experience liaising with the Home Office and can help keep you informed of your application’s progress.

Can an immigration lawyer help me appeal an application decision by the Home Office?

If you receive a decision on your application that you feel is unfair, for example if your visa or asylum application is refused, your immigration lawyer may be able to lodge an appeal against the decision on your behalf.

In these circumstances, an immigration lawyer can investigate why your application was unsuccessful, your options on how to proceed and put together and submit an appeal.

Do I need an OISC-accredited immigration lawyer?

It is very important to work with a properly professionally accredited immigration lawyer to ensure you are getting the best advice possible for your case. The OISC is the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner that regulates all immigration advisors. All Immigration Advice Service lawyers are accredited by the OISC, which means they are legally required to provide accurate, professional advice in the best interest of the client.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost?

The costs of immigration advice really depend on your personal circumstances and the kind of application you need to make. Further, different visas and immigration routes all have different processing times, and therefore it isn’t really possible to say how much hiring an immigration lawyer would cost. However, when you have made your appointment to receive advice from a lawyer, it is a legal requirement that they are upfront and honest with you about the fees you will be required to pay and when you will need to pay.

How Birmingham Immigration Lawyers can help you

Birmingham Immigration Lawyers are accredited professional immigration advisors and OISC regulated, with offices around the UK. As we have explained, it is incredibly important that you hire a dedicated lawyer to help you with your application. Birmingham Immigration Lawyers can provide advice within the UK and to clients abroad, online, and over the phone.

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