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Student Visitor Visa

If you want to know about how to obtain a Student Visit Visa to study on a short term basis in the UK, we can help you understand the requirements and find out if you are eligible.

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    What is a Student Visitor Visa?

    A Short Term Study Visa is a type of Student Visa that allows foreign citizens to come to the UK for the purpose of study. It is commonly referred to as the Student Visitor Visa.

    You are eligible to apply for this type of UK visa if you wish to visit Britain and study in a UK institution (like a university or school) for a period of fewer than six months.

    Please note that this is different from a Student Visa, which comes under the points-based system and is used by students who wish to take on a long-term degree course, bring family members, and switch to other visa categories. Both visas require two different kinds of entry clearance. Call our team on 0121 667 6530 to find out more.

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    Who can apply for a Student Visitor Visa?

    You are eligible for a Short Term Study Visa if you fulfil each of the following criteria:

    • You are doing a short study course at a UK institution (school, college, or university)
    • Are from a country outside the UK (except Ireland)
    • You meet the rest of the visit visa requirements (see Requirements section for more information)

    To be eligible, you will be expected to demonstrate to border officials that you do not plan to stay in the UK for extended periods of time.

    Academic visitors do not meet the eligibility requirements for a Short Term Study Visa. They can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa or a Paid Permitted Engagement Visa depending on the type of role they need to fill in the UK.

    Requirements for Student Visit Visa category

    The requirements for this type of visa include:

    • You have been offered a place on a legitimate UK course
    • You have enough money to support yourself during your planned study and time in the UK, without relying on a work income for public funds
    • You can prove that you will return home at the end of your course and that you can pay for your journey home. This requirement is called the ‘reason for return’ requirement.

    The Home Office will assess whether you meet the reason for return requirement by considering factors like whether you have a course you are completing at home, a job/career, or a family in your home country.

    This visa is not for individuals seeking to stay in the UK for extended periods of time.

    Validity requirements

    A Student Visitor Visa allows you to stay in the UK for the length of your planned study. So, if you need to complete a three-month course, for example, your visa will last for three months.

    Generally, this type of Study Visa lasts for a maximum of up to six months, and if a student needs to come to the UK to study for longer than this time, they would usually consider applying for a Student Visa instead.

    There is an exception to this validity requirement, which occurs if you are studying an English language course. If this is the case, your Study Visa can be valid for up to 11 months.

    Depending on your home country, you may be able to come to the UK for a certain period of research without having to apply for any sort of studying visa. This is the case for American nationals, for example, as the UK and US accept temporary migration between countries as part of its ‘special relationship’ understanding.

    Types of Student Visitor Visas

    You can use this type of visa if you are travelling to the UK for the following two purposes:

    • As a student (in a school, college or university)
    • As a student researcher


    To apply for a Student Visitor Visa, applicants must have had an offer from an institution in the UK that has a national accreditation. This offer must be official and recognised as such. If part of a university course, it must be equivalent to a UK degree.


    Researchers can apply under this category if they want to conduct research as part of a recognised UK degree (such as a postgraduate degree). They must be at least 16 years old to do this and the research must be conducted at the university.

    Short Term Study Visa application process

    Once you have ensured that you meet the Student Visit Visa requirements, you can start the application process standard visit visa. This involves compiling all your supporting documents (see below) and your application forms and submitting them to UKVI for consideration.

    You will need to complete an application under ‘Short-term Student Visa’ category, which falls under the ‘Visitor’ umbrella.

    You can make a Student Visitor Visa application online through the government website. You will also need to have your biometric information taken. This can be done at various visa application centre centres around the UK.

    After this, you can pay the application fee and submit your application. It should take around six weeks in total to process this.

    Short Term Study documents

    As well as your application forms, you will also need to submit several documents to support your application. These include:

    • Your passport/another valid travel document
    • Proof that you hold enough funds to support yourself while you study in the UK (e.g a bank statement that shows proof of adequate savings)
    • Proof that you have set up appropriate accommodation that covers your full stay in the UK (for example, this could proof that you have arranged to stay in halls or residence or on school grounds if you are attending a British boarding school)
    • Your TB test results, if you are from a country where this is required
    • Contact details for the applicant’s parents or guardians (if they are under the age of 18)

    All your documents must be translated into English or Welsh if they are not originally written in either of these languages.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                You cannot switch to a Student Visa from a Short-term Study Visitor Visa. To apply for the visa to study in the UK, you must return to your home country in accordance with the conditions of your visa.

                From there, you can make a fresh application under the points-based immigration system to enter the UK on the appropriate visa.

                Travelling to the UK without a visa may result in refusal at the port of entry.

                You must apply for a Short-term Study Visa from outside the UK, in advance of your course. When you enter the UK to begin your studies (after your visa has been granted) you should carry your documentation with you. This is because UK Border Force Officers may ask to see them.

                You are permitted to enter the UK and undertake 30 days of general study with a General Tourist Visa. This includes if you are visiting as a business visitor or on a family visa.

                If you wish to enrol in a course or curriculum that requires more time than this, you must apply for a specific Short Term Study Visa.

                This requirement is called the ‘sufficient funds’ requirement. The amount of money you need to show that you can support yourself during your stay in the UK varies. The final amount depends on how long your course lasts and the cost of your planned trip.

                For example, for a week-long trip, government advice recommends having approximately £800 in your account, to cover your travel to and around the UK, as well as maintenance.

                You must demonstrate with your application that you are able to afford the tuition fees for the course you are enrolling in and that you have booked a return flight/travel in time for when your visa expires.

                An international student who wants to study in the UK can apply for a Study Visa to enter the UK.

                They can either apply for a Student Visitor Visa, if their course is six months or less (or 11 months or less if it is an English language course). Otherwise, if it is longer than this, they should apply for the Study Visa which will allow them to enter the UK based on this category of the points-based system.

                As well as this, there are other visas that allow you to study in the UK. These include the UK Ancestry Visa, the Spouse Visa and the Standard Visitor Visa (although this is only up to 30 days maximum).

                You don’t have to pay the immigration health surcharge if you are applying for any Visitor Visa. If you do access healthcare from the NHS, you will be required to pay at the point of service.