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Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa has replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa. It allows exceptionally talented individuals from a certain fields such as Science, Medicine, Engineering and Film & Television the opportunity to work within their field in the United Kingdom.

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    What is a Global Talent Visa?

    The Global Talent Visa has replaced the previous Tier 1 (exceptional talent) visa. It allows a path of entry into the UK for those who work in specific industries. The global talent visa route has become significantly popular, with applicants having to fill stringent eligibility guidance to meet the exceptional talent criteria or to be able to show exceptional promise.

    Typically, the first step of the process to acquire a Global Talent Visa involves receiving an endorsement from one of the six official endorsement associations. You can do this by submitting an endorsement application.

    For applicants seeking an official Global Talent Visa endorsement from an endorsing body in a field such as Science, Medicine, Engineering, Social Science, or humanities, you will be required to demonstrate your eligibility to either The British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Society, or UK Research or Innovation (UKRI).

    Tech Nation and Arts Council England are the regulatory bodies that handle requests from non-academic arts, digital technology, and culture.

    For those deemed as eligible for academic and research, there are four possible routes of entry, which include: endorsed funders, peer review, research appointments, and individual fellowships.

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    Who is able to apply for a Global Talent Visa?

    To apply for a Global Talent Visa, you must be over the age of 18 years old. You must be considered to have exceptional talent- as a leader, or to show exceptional promise- as a potential future leader in one of the following industry fields:

    • Arts and Culture
    • Academia and Research
    • Digital Technology

    You must apply to the correct endorsement body to get an endorsement letter outlining your suitability for a Global Talent Visa in a specific field. These fields can include, engineering, science, medicine, humanities, architecture, film, TV, or fashion.

    To apply, you must be a 70-point requirement through at least one of the following methods:

    • You have been awarded a prize listed on the immigration rules under the prestigious prizes category
    • You are submitting an initial application with an official endorsement. The date of the application must not be any longer than 3 months after the date on the endorsement letter
    • You can apply for an extension provided you meet the minimum earning requirements

    Global Talent Visa eligibility requirements

    You must meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a Global Talent Visa. The specific eligibility criteria you must meet may depend on the field in which you are wishing to receive an endorsement. You must be an exceptional talent or meet the exceptional promise criteria.

    Below each sector is outlined with its relevant requirements for an eligible applicant.

    Science, medicine, engineering, and humanities

    • You must be an industry leader or an active researcher in your field. This must be through an eligible organisation or company


    • To demonstrate your exceptional talent, you must be able to show an award or body of work with media coverage from at least two countries
    • You must obtain three letters of recommendation

    Arts and Culture

    • You must show exceptional promise or exceptional talent(with evidence from a minimum of one country)
    • At least five years of professional engagement- this must be consistent
    • You must be able to demonstrate your professional engagement through the means of producing outstanding, creative works of art
    • You should hold a good track record of your work within at least one country
    • Three official letters of recommendation from authorised organisations

    Digital Technology

    • If you are applying as a digital technology business applicant, you must have proof of a commercial investment or expertise in product development
    • If you are applying as a technical applicant in the field of digital technology, you must show proof to Tech Nation of a high level of competency in building technical infrastructure
    • You must provide an up to date CV with a clear outline of your career achievements in the digital technology field so far
    • Global talent applicants must provide three letters of recommendation from authorised organisations in the digital technology industry- Tech Nation will look at how you have previously performed in the field

    Fashion and Design

    • Can demonstrate five years of professional engagement within the fashion industry as a leading body with exceptional talent
    • If you are applying on the grounds that you show exceptional promise, you should provide proof of media coverage or sponsorship from a recognised fashion organisation
    • Three letters of recommendation from authorised organisations to show bodies such as Arts Council England you are suitable for the Global Talent Visa category

    Film and Television

    • You should have won a mainstream award or must have been nominated for one in the last ten years (BAFTA, Academy Award or Golden Globe, etc)
    • Global talent applicants should present three letters of recommendation from authorised organisations

    What documents are required for a Global Talent Visa?

    Global Talent Visa applicants are required to submit a selection of required documents in conjunction with their Global Talent Visa application. The documents you need to submit will again depend on the endorsing body you are applying to.

    Arts and Culture

    • Three recommendation letters
    • A maximum of ten documents that prove your notable achievements to Arts Council England
    • An up to date CV that outlines your achievements

    Digital Technology

    • Proof of an established digital technology business
    • A maximum of ten documents that demonstrate your skills and qualifications in your sector
    • Three letters of recommendation which confirm your ability as an industry leader in the digital technology field

    Researcher and Academic leader

    • A letter to UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) coming from the head of HR in your organisation that gives an outline of how you acquired the role, your duties, and the nature of your role
    • Details of your work and outstanding achievements

    Peer Review

    • A confirmation letter stating how you could excel and contribute in a UK-based job role- this must come from an industry leader who is able to state how they know you

    Research Grant

    • You must be able to show confirmation that you will be receiving a grant of at least £30,000 from your funder- this must able to last at least two years

    Along with the documents for your specified field, you will be required to submit your valid passport and tuberculosis test results to the home office in support of your Global Talent Visa application.

    How much does a global talent visa cost?

    Typically, the Global talent visa application will cost you £623. For those applying on the basis of endorsement of exceptional talent or promise, you will pay the total amount in the following two installments:

    • £456 for the application for the endorsement
    • £167 for the visa application itself

    For those applying based on an eligible award, you will pay the full balance of £623 upfront.

    In addition, applicants are required to pay a healthcare surcharge of around £624 per person they are applying for.

    For Global Talent Visa applicants including a partner or children in their application, they will each need to pay an additional £623.

    You can check the amount you will need to pay before you apply.

    How long until you receive a decision on a talent visa application?

    Those applying for a Global Talent Visa can expect to hear back from authorities within up to three weeks of submitting their application, however, this can vary during busier periods.

    You can apply for a Global Talent Visa up to three months before you intend to commence work in the UK. For those wishing to speed up the application process, you can opt for a priority service which will accommodate the requirement for a faster decision. However, this will come at an extra cost.

    It is essential to ensure that you submit the required documents to the Home Office in full in the first instance of applying, as withholding documents or not supplying the correct information could delay your Global Talent visa application.

    Can you bring your partner and children?

    Those who anticipate obtaining endorsement and a Global talent visa may be able to bring their partner and children provided that they meet eligibility requirements on being dependant.

    A dependant is classed as any of the following:

    • A husband, wife, civil or unmarried partner
    • A child under 18 years old- including if they were born within the UK during your stay
    • A child over the age of 18 years old if they are in the UK as your dependant

    For each dependant you include as part of your Global Talent Visa, you must be able to demonstrate proof of your relationship with them.

    Your children

    If your child is aged 16 or over, they must fit within the following scenarios:

    • They must live with you (unless they are boarding in full-time education)
    • They must not be married or have any children of their own
    • They must be supported by you without the use of public funds

    You will be required to submit two of the following documents on behalf of any children as proof that they live with you:

    • Driving licence
    • Bank statement
    • credit card/ utility bills
    • NHS registration documents
    • Official letters from educational facilities

    These must be official documents and not photocopies.

    Your partner

    You must be able to prove the following:

    • That you are in a marriage or civil partnership that is recognised by the UK
    • You must have been living together in a relationship for at least two years before applying for the talent visa

    As mentioned earlier, any dependants you plan to bring to the UK with you once you are granted a Global Talent Visa must also pay the full application process fee and healthcare surcharge fees.

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      How can you obtain endorsement?

      Receiving endorsement for a Global Talent Visa can seem complex at first. Once you have figured out eligibility requirements, you will need to decipher the specific criteria of requirements for the relevant endorsement body.

      You will be able to find the correct requirements for each endorsing body below:

      Once you have an endorsement letter from one of the approved endorsing bodies, you can go on to submit your Global Talent Visa application to the Home Office.

      Endorsement application rejected

      If your endorsement application is rejected there may be an opportunity for an endorsement review. If this is the case, it could be advantageous to seek assistance from a trained immigration lawyer.

      You can submit an endorsement review to the Home Office for reconsideration. The Home Office will consult with the appropriate endorsing body on your behalf before returning with an outcome.

      You must file for a review within 28 days of the endorsing bodies decline to ensure you can get a reconsideration.

      The application process for a Global Talent Visa

      The application process to being granted a Global talent visa can be very intricate. Before you can even consider applying to the Home Office you must have an endorsement from an endorsement body or have won an eligible award in your field.

      Once you have received an endorsement letter from the endorsing body, you can apply for your talent visa if the following scenarios apply to you:

      • You have been endorsed by an appropriate endorsing body, approved by the Home Office
      • You are applying within three months of obtaining your letter of endorsement
      • The endorsement has not been withdrawn by the endorsement body

      You can then apply online using the Global Talent Visa application along with the documents you need to supply to the Home Office.

      Dependant partners and children of a Global Talent Visa holder will have to apply separately to Global Talent visa holders.

      Can you extend your Global Talent visa?

      Global Talent visa holders are able to extend their visa provided they meet the eligibility requirements to do so. Global Talent visas do not have a limit on how many times they can be renewed.

      In order to proceed with renewal, those who have taken the global talent route must be able to demonstrate that they have earned sufficient money in their expert field during their time in the UK.

      Each successful application for an extension will allow you up to five years of additional stay within the UK. You must, however, apply to extend your Global Talent visa before it is due to expire.

      For those who want to stay longer in the UK, you may be able to gain Indefinite Leave to Remain after five years of residency. This will allow you to live, study and work in the UK for as long as you wish to.

      Extensions for family members must be made separately.

      How will a Global Talent Visa be advantageous?

      There are ample advantages to acquiring a Global Talent visa in the UK. The flexibility and decreased cost have the global talent route increasingly popular amongst those with exceptional talent or exceptional promise.

      Some of the advantages are as follows:

      • You have the freedom to switch jobs and expand your career repertoire unlike that of a skilled worker visa holder
      • You are able to establish long term residence within the UK after three to five years of staying there
      • You are not required to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship nor does your employer have to have a sponsor licence
      • A fast endorsement application process means it is an efficient way to access the UK
      • Global Talent visa holders have the opportunity to choose the length of their visa

      Can you switch to a Global Talent visa from a different UK visa?

      It may be possible to switch from a certain UK visa to a Global Talent visa. To do so, you must meet the eligibility criteria set out above along with the requirements from one of the six approved endorsing bodies.

      You must apply for a visa change before your current visa expires. Also, any children or partners must apply to change too.

      There are some instances where you are not permitted to apply to switch to a Global Talent visa, these are:

      • Visit visa holders
      • Short-term student visa holders
      • Parent of a Child Student visa holders
      • Seasonal worker visa holders
      • Domestic worker in a private household visa holders
      • Those on immigration bail
      • Those in the UK on compassionate grounds (able to stay outside of the immigration rules)

      Additionally, if you plan to switch to this visa from a Student visa, one of the following must apply to you:

      • You’ve completed the course you were sponsored to study on your Student visa
      • The start date of your job is after the completion date of your course
      • You’ve been studying for a PhD for at least 24 months

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        Does the Global Talent visa lead to settlement?

        Yes, the Global Talent visa leads to settlement after 3 or 5 years of holding the visa while living in the UK continuously. The duration of time visa holders must have spent living in the UK to qualify for settlement is dependant on how holders were endorsed. As well as meeting the residence requirements, you must have been making money in the UK, meet the language requirements, and pass the life in the UK test.

        How can Birmingham Immigration Lawyers help?

        The process of acquiring a UK Global Talent Visa can be complex due to the multiple steps involved in getting an endorsement application before reaching out to the Home Office. The global talent route remains highly popular, but for increased chances of success, an immigration lawyer can assist you.

        Our trained immigration lawyers have experience in UK Global Talent Visa and endorsing body application protocol and are ready and waiting to help you every step of the way, from the endorsement application to extending your visa once granted. Birmingham immigration lawyers have an excellent track record of helping talented and promising individuals access a talent visa and reach their full potential.

        For more information on how we can help you with the Global Talent visa route, call our friendly team today on 0121 667 6530.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  There is no requirement for English language ability when applying for a Global Talent Visa. You can apply with any level of English at all. However, if after a certain period of time you choose to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, you will be required to take an English language test.

                  What needs to be included on a recommendation letter?

                  A recommendation letter should come from a person of senior status within an organisation where you have excelled in your field. Ideally, it should include the following elements:

                  • Details of the author’s status in the company
                  • Details of how the author knows the applicant
                  • An outline of what the applicant has achieved in their specified field. This can include awards, media coverage, and any other outstanding achievements
                  • How the applicant would benefit from living in the UK on a global talent visa
                  • An outline of how the applicant can excel and contribute to their expert field in the UK

                  It can take up to 28 days for the relevant body to process your application and issue you with a letter of endorsement. This is provided that you submit all of the correct documents in a timely manner. If the body have to chase you or follow up on documents, it can add a delay to getting a final decision.

                  In specific instances, excessive absences can be considered permissible and are not factored into the 180-day limit. Such allowances are applicable, for instance, when absences are linked to the initial reason for entering the UK, as well as absences stemming from significant, compelling, or compassionate circumstances.

                  Reasons of a serious or compelling nature encompass:

                  • Severe Health Conditions: This includes serious illnesses affecting either the applicant or a close family member.
                  • Conflict Situations: Instances involving conflicts or sensitive situations.
                  • Natural Disasters: Events such as hurricanes, natural disasters, etc.