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Family Visa Lawyer

If you’re a British citizen or a settled person in the United Kingdom, you can sponsor your spouse, child or other immediate family member to join you. You may need the assistance of a family immigration attorney to bring your family member to the UK.

To learn more about the UK Family Visa, its eligibility criteria, how to apply and the cost of application, Birmingham Immigration Lawyers can help. Contact one of our immigration lawyers at 0121 667 6530 or complete our online enquiry form for immediate assistance.

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    UK Family Visa Types


    Foreign nationals can enter the UK to join their loved ones. They can do this through UK Family visas. Subcategories of the Family Visas include:

    • Spouse Visa.
    • Child Dependent Visa.
    • Parent Visa.
    • Unmarried Partner Visa.
    • Family Reunion Visa.
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    Spouse Visa

    The UK Spouse Visa, also called a Partner Visa, lets British citizens and settled or pre-settled people bring their foreign spouses to the UK. This visa allows its holder to stay in the UK for up to 2 and a half years. The holder can also extend it for the same length, totalling 5 years in the UK.

    The holder can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after 5 years. ILR lets you stay permanently in the country without immigration restrictions. You can only get ILR if you meet all the requirements. The holder can qualify to apply for British citizenship after staying in the UK for 1 year with ILR.

    Child Dependent Visa

    The Child Dependent Visa allows parents to bring their overseas children to join them in the UK. Before you’re issued this visa, it must be proved that your child relies on you.

    Your child must be under 18 and unmarried. Also, your child can qualify for ILR on the Child Dependent Visa after staying with you for up to 5 years.

    Parent Visa

    The Parent Visa allows parents to join their children in the UK. Their children must be British Citizens or UK residents without immigration restrictions. You can only qualify for this visa if your child is under 18 and relies on your assistance.

    With this visa, a parent can stay in the UK for up to 2 years and 9 months. It can also be extended to another 2 years and 6 months.

    Unmarried Partner Visa

    The UK Unmarried Partner Visa is also called a UK de facto visa. It allows British citizens or UK residents with settled status to bring their unmarried partners (foreign nationals) to the UK. This visa is designed for both opposite and same-sex relationships.

    The holder of this visa is allowed to enter and stay in the UK for up to 33 months. This visa can also be extended for another 30 months. This is if the holder keeps meeting its requirements. Once the holder stays in the UK for up to 5 years, they can apply for ILR. Then, they can get British citizenship after meeting all the requirements.

    Family Reunion Visa

    The UK Family Reunion Visa lets refugees in the United Kingdom bring their immediate family members to join them. This visa is designed to reunite families separated when gaining asylum in the UK.

    These individuals bring their families via this visa. They must have been granted humanitarian protection or refugee status in the UK. They mustn’t have gained British citizenship while staying in the country. Also, they must sponsor the Family Reunion Visa to bring their family members to the UK.

    If you want to bring your family to the UK through the Family Reunion route, you may need an immigration lawyer for family reunification. Call Birmingham Immigration Lawyers at 0121 667 6530 or email us for immediate assistance.

    Is It Difficult To Obtain a Family Visa In The UK?

    Acquiring a Family Visa in the UK can be overwhelming. Applicants must meet several eligibility criteria to prove that they qualify to be issued the visa. Additionally, applicants must present several documents to support their application.

    Birmingham Immigration Lawyers can assist you in making your application easier. We’ve helped countless applicants file solid applications with a high success rate. We can do the same for you. We’ll help you through the UK visa process while following the immigration rules.

    Why Use a Lawyer To Help You With a Family Visa

    There are different types of UK Family Visas. They also have various requirements and serve different purposes. You may not know the criteria and requirements for the Family Visa you want. If you apply for a Family Visa, you risk a visa refusal if you can’t meet its requirements.

    That’s why it’s best to hire an immigration lawyer. They can guide you at each stage of your Family Visa application. For instance, you may need a parental sponsorship attorney. They will assist you in bringing your parents to the UK via a Parent Visa. Birmingham Immigration Lawyers are available to help you with your Family Visa applications.

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      How Much Does a Family Visa Solicitor Cost?

      The cost of hiring Birmingham Immigration Lawyers to help you get a Family Visa varies. It depends on your situation. You can discuss your situation with one of our immigration lawyers. Call us on 0121 667 6530 or fill out our online contact form.

      How Our Experienced Family Visa Lawyers In Birmingham Can Help You

      British Citizens and UK residents with settled status must sponsor their immediate family members to bring them to the UK. They will do so through the appropriate Family Visa route. If you are already married to a foreign national you want to bring to the UK, it’s advisable to consult a Marriage Visa attorney.

      Alternatively, you can use a Spouse Visa lawyer to bring your spouse to the UK. Birmingham Immigration Lawyers will help you prepare your Visa application. We will ensure it meets the Home Office’s standards.

      If you need more information about our immigration services, talk to one of our Birmingham Immigration Lawyers. You can reach us at 0121 667 6530 or contact us online.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                If your UK Family Visa is refused or rejected, you can appeal. You can do this if you believe the UK authorities made the wrong decision. Our expert lawyers can help to submit an appeal with the best possible chance of success.

                Processing a UK Family Visa application typically takes up to 24 weeks.

                A Family Visa lawyer cannot speed up visa applications. That’s the job of the UK Home Office. However, a Family Visa lawyer will help you file a solid application. It will meet all the requirements and include all the needed documents to the UK Home Office’s standard. This will make the process seamless and faster, with a high chance of successful visa application. Additionally, you can pay an additional £500 or £1,000 for the Home Office to process your application within 5 working days or the next day, respectively.