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Can I change jobs or employers whilst on a Skilled Worker visa?

If you wish or are changing jobs on skilled worker visa, you may need to apply to the Home Office to make changes to your current Skilled Worker visa.

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    Making Changes to Your Skilled Worker Visa

    The Skilled Worker visa, formerly known as the Tier 2 General Work visa, is a highly popular UK work visa route sought by skilled migrant workers who wish to work in the United Kingdom for a UK-based employer.

    Once you have been granted a Skilled Worker visa, in some cases, you may wish to change employers or job role. Strictly speaking, you can change jobs on your Skilled Worker visa provided that your new job role remains with the same employer who sponsored you.

    If you wish to change employers and job role completely, it is likely that you will have to make an application to update your Skilled Worker visa.

    For more information on how we can help you with your Skilled Worker visa, call our friendly team of legal experts on 0121 667 6530 or by emailing us for further guidance today.

    Skilled worker visa

    Update your Skilled Worker visa if you change jobs and employers

    According to UK immigration rules, a person must apply to update their Skilled Worker visa in the following circumstances:

    • If you change jobs with a new employer
    • If you change job to a role with a different occupation code
    • If you change from a job on the Shortage Occupation List to a job that is not on the Shortage Occupation List

    You can apply online to make any changes to your current Skilled Worker visa. If you do not make these changes promptly, you can face serious implications for breaching UK immigration rules.

    Changing Jobs With The Same Employer On a UK Skilled Work Visa

    You can change jobs on a Skilled Worker visa more efficiently if your new job role remains in the same Standard Occupation Code (SOC) as your current job.

    You do not need to submit an application to make changes to your Skilled Worker visa if:

    • Your new job has the same occupation code as your current job
    • Your current job is on the Shortage Occupation List and your job is also
    • You still score 70 points under the points-based application route

    If you are unsure about whether you have to apply to update your Skilled Worker visa or not, you can get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers for further advice on what you should do to avoid breaching immigration laws.

    Call us 0121 667 6530 or email us for further assistance.

    Skilled worker change of employment? Speak to our legal experts today to avoid breaching UK immigration rules Get in touch

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      What are the requirements for updating your Skilled Worker visa?

      To apply to make changes to your current Skilled Worker visa, you must ensure that you meet the Skilled Worker visa requirements that you met when you initially applied for your worker visa.

      You will need to meet the following requirements:

      • Have a job offer, or, work in a job that is on the eligible jobs list
      • Meet the minimum salary requirement
      • Meet the requirements for knowledge of the English language
      • You must not meet any grounds for refusal (including criminal convictions or previous breaches in immigration law)

      If you are planning to change job with a new employer, they must hold a valid UK Sponsor Licence to issue you with a certificate of sponsorship detailing your new job offer and job role.

      Required documents to apply for a Skilled Worker visa update

      If you are applying to update your Skilled Worker visa you will only need to provide evidence of the required documents if you have been in the UK for less than one year.

      If you have been in the UK for less than 1 year, then you may need to provide the following:

      • A certificate of sponsorship reference number- issued to you by your employer
      • Proof of your knowledge of the English language- usually a certificate showing you have passed a Secure English Language test to the required level
      • A valid passport or another identity document that shows your nationality
      • Your job title and yearly salary
      • Your jobs occupation code
      • The name of your employer and their sponsor licence number.

      If you are requested to submit any supporting documents, you should do so in good time to avoid your Skilled Worker visa application being delayed.

      What happens to my dependents if I update your Skilled Worker visa application?

      Family members who are currently in the UK with you, can remain in the UK as long as your application is approved by the Home Office. They can remain living in the UK on their current dependant visa whilst the update process takes its course.

      If for any reason your application is declined and you choose to leave the UK, your dependents will lose the right to remain in the UK without the Skilled Worker visa holder- they must return with you from the United Kingdom.

      Can I start my new job before the Skilled Worker visa update application has been processed?

      You must not begin working at your new job before your application has been processed. You must wait for official approval from the Home Office before you make any changes.

      Changing your job early could count as an immigration breach and as a result, you could lose your Skilled Worker visa altogether.

      However, you are able to carry on working for your current employer until a decision has been made or until your notice period is up.

      Switching employers on a skilled worker visa? Speak to our legal team today so they can assist you. Get in touch

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        1. Can I Change My Sponsor In The UK

        You can change employers whilst on a skilled worker visa in the UK, however, you can only do so after submitting a Skilled Worker application and successfully obtaining it. Only then you are allowed to change jobs and begin working for your new employer.

        2. What Are The Laws For Being Made Redundant Or Losing Sponsored Employment?

        If an employee with sponsorship is laid off, there won’t be any repercussions for the sponsoring entity’s license, as long as all reporting and recording responsibilities stipulated by the Home Office for sponsor licenses are fulfilled.

        3. What Happens If You Quit Your Job On a Skilled Worker Visa?

        Should you resign from your employment, the validity of your Tier 2 visa (skilled worker visa) will be curtailed. You might be required to exit the UK, unless you can obtain a new job offer that comes with sponsorship or if you qualify for an alternative visa type.

        How can Birmingham Immigration Lawyers help?

        Applying to make changes to your current visa can seem complex, so, seeking the advice of a trained immigration solicitor could prove advantageous.

        Our team of dedicated legal experts are ready and waiting to handle your query with a tailored advice package to offer you the best chance of success in the UK.

        For more information on how we can help you, call our team today on 0121 667 6530.

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