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We are a team of experienced immigration lawyers based in Birmingham and we are ready to help you with your immigration issues.

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Need an immigration solicitor? Our immigration lawyers can help.

We are a team of professional immigration lawyers committed to providing premium-quality legal advice.

Whether you are planning to visit or reside in the UK, or you wish to extend your stay in this country, one of our specialists will be ready to help you and your family with your application process.

As a part of our bespoke services, your case will be handled by one of our experienced immigration lawyers, whose areas of expertise will perfectly match your needs. You and your adviser will work together to assess your circumstances, immigration goals and eligibility for your desired visa.

We will always be available to guide you through the process of completing and submitting your application, following your through each step, until your case will be solved.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you.

Immigration Advice Service 4.7 rating 414 reviews
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What services do we offer?

Our Birmingham immigration lawyers are happy to offer professional advice for every UK immigration application and process.

Our services for Family & Partner Visas

If you are relocating to or already living in the UK, you certainly wish for your family to join you. All your relatives must travel legally and hold the right visa for their circumstances before they can move with you.

Our Birmingham immigration lawyers offer dedicated services to those who wish to apply for a Family Visa. This includes not only your children or parents but also your partners.

If you need help in preparing and submitting your forms to follow your Spouse or unmarried partner in the UK. Whether you wish to apply for a Spouse Visa or get married in the UK, one of our Birmingham immigration lawyers will be ready to offer you and your beloved ones complete, professional assistance.

Business & Work Visas

If you are a UK-based employer and you wish to hire international workforce, you need to apply for a Sponsor License. To ensure that your request is completed correctly, you can seek professional advice from one of our advisers. We employ only the best Birmingham immigration experts, who have an in-depth knowledge of UK employment immigration law.

We offer dedicated advice and application services for international investors, as well as those who are interested in investing in a start-up in the UK or apply for an Innovator Visa. A popular route for foreign employees who wish to work in the UK is the Skilled Worker Visa.

British Residency & UK Nationality

There are several routes to settle in the UK, based on your immigration status and your personal background. Each of these paths requires you to meet strict requirements, as well as having spent a specific amount of eligible time in the UK.

For example, after a period of five consecutive years spent in the UK, you may be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Once you hold settlement status, you can apply for British Citizenship and submit your British passport application.

With our help, you can rely on professional advice to settle in the UK whether you were born in the UK or if you are the child of a British citizen. Alternatively, you may be eligible to apply for British citizenship through marriage.

Besides, if you have been granted permission to stay in the UK for six months or more, we can liaise with the Home Office to ensure that you receive your Biometric Residence Permit as soon as you enter the country.

Assistance for Asylum Seekers and Detainees

We believe in the importance of creating opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their gender, religious, racial or social background. For this reason, we are committed to offering our professional guidance to those who are in need and are seeking asylum in the UK.

We also offer dedicated advice to those who have been put in immigration detention. If necessary, we can meet with detainees and their families to discuss their circumstances and provide urgent and comprehensive assistance for their case.

Dedicated services for long-term or short-term workers

If you are a skilled international worker and you have received a job offer from a UK-based employer, our immigration specialists can help you apply for a long-term work visa like the Skilled Worker Visa.

Based on their occupations, migrant workers can apply for a Sportsperson Visa, or as a Minister of Religion applicant. Similarly, if you are currently being transferred to a UK branch of your company, you may need an Intra-Company Transfer Visa.

Our professional services for international workers are also available for those who wish to work in the UK for a limited amount of time. This includes those who are eligible to enter the UK for charity or creative positions on a short-term work visa. In addition, young applicants aged 18 to 30 can apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme.

Get in touch with our Birmingham immigration lawyers to find out more and to receive professional advice on your application.

International students & pupils

We understand the importance of having access to the education you want.

For this reason, we are committed to helping international students by offering our best immigration advice to ensure that they receive their desired outcome.

If you wish to apply for a Student Visa, we can provide you with professional support from our experienced and accredited immigration advisers in Birmingham.

One of our immigration lawyers in Birmingham will be happy to help with your application or any immigration matter.

Your dedicated adviser will guide you through every stage of your application process, and handle your case until your visa is released.

Why choose our Immigration Lawyers in Birmingham?

With decades of experience in immigration law, our Birmingham immigration lawyers can handle any UK Visa application.

Why choose Birmingham Immigration Lawyers?

We believe in making a real difference in the world around us by providing our clients with our best assistance.

Most importantly, we uphold the belief the everyone should be entitled to reliable and professional advice.

Each member of our time has a vast amount of experience within several immigration areas, such as Family Visas, UK settlement and asylum.

Together with your dedicated adviser, you will investigate the feasibility of your application to review all your options to follow the best procedures.

What should I expect from my first Advice Session with my lawyer?

The first step of your immigration journey is to meet one of our Birmingham lawyers for your Advice session. During this untimed meeting, you will be able to discuss your circumstances in details, as well an in-depth overview of all your options to proceed with your application.

Your dedicated adviser will also outline the expected time frames to process your case, and find the perfect strategy to make your application successful. Once your eligibility for your desired visa has been confirmed, you will learn how to gather the most adequate documentation to support your request.

At the end of this consultation, you will still have 7 days to get in touch with your adviser and ask any follow-up questions for free.

Why should I hire an immigration lawyer in Birmingham?

Applying for a visa can be a complicated and time-consuming process, which requires an in-depth knowledge of UK immigration law.

Our expert Birmingham immigration lawyers are ready to help you and your family, by guiding you through your entire application process with the right service and support. This includes:

  • Professional guidance for any UK visa application;
  • Full eligibility check to establish the immigration route that suits your circumstances;
  • Immediate help for those who are facing detention or need to submit their application within a strict deadline;
  • Dedicate assistance for UK asylum seekers;
  • Continue liaison with the Home Office until your case is solved;
  • Complete support with any application for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain, or settlement;
  • Competent and dedicated guidance for UK-based employers and businesses.

What is your application package, and how can you help me?

By hiring one of our immigration lawyers, you will have access to our premium-quality Application Package. This means that one of our specialists will work tirelessly on your case, and provide you with complete assistance through each stage of this process.

Our service includes:

  • Reviewing your case and assessing your eligibility
  • Investigating the requirements you need to meet to qualify for your visa
  • Helping you and your family in gathering and organizing an adequate portfolio of supporting documents
  • Writing a letter of representation to highlight and support the merits of your case
  • Liaising with the Home Office until your case is solved

Get in touch with our customer care team to find out how to hire one of our professional Birmingham immigration lawyers.

Where can I meet your UK immigration lawyers?

You can come and meet our immigration lawyers in our office in Birmingham at any time. Nevertheless, you can also entrust your case with one of our specialists working in one of our offices around the UK.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family in one of our offices located in England and Scotland. You can visit us in one of the following locations:

If you are unable to travel or if you are currently living abroad, you can still hire our professionals or chat with one of our lawyers. In fact, we can work remotely for you, and arrange your next meeting with one of our experts via Skype or over the phone. Call us or get in touch through our live chat to learn more.

How quickly can your lawyers process my application?

Our team of immigration lawyers in Birmingham is happy to assist each of our clients with their immigration issues.

As soon as you hire one of our specialists, we will start processing your case and work tirelessly until you receive your desired outcome.

Since your first advice session with your dedicated lawyer, you will be provided with an overview of the estimated time to solve your case.

However, once we have submitted your forms, it may take up to three weeks to receive an answer from the Home Office.

Nevertheless, we will keep monitoring your case and liaising regularly with the authorities, to ensure that your application is not delayed.

Whatever the complexity of your case, our lawyers will work tirelessly to help you succeed. Learn more

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We offer a wide range of immigration services. Get in touch to learn more.

We will always be available to guide you through the process of completing and submitting your application, following your through each step, until your case will be solved.

My visa is expiring. Can your immigration lawyers help me?

Your visa is set to expire after a specific amount of time, . If your authorised stay in the UK is going to end, you may be eligible to extend or renew your permit. However, you must first meet specific requirements.

The first step is to act before your visa expires. If you overstay your permit, you may face severe legal consequences, such as deportation or even being banned from entering the UK.

If you wish to apply for a visa renewal, you can seek professional guidance from one of our immigration lawyers. Your dedicated adviser will verify the validity of your visa and your eligibility for an extension and then file and complete your forms on your behalf. Get in touch today to learn more.

My application has been delayed. What should I do?

It usually takes between two to three weeks to receive a response from the Home Office. Nevertheless, your application may be delayed if you failed to provide all the evidence of your case or if you submit an incomplete form.

The best way to find out why your application is delayed, so to seek professional help. One of our immigration specialists in Birmingham will follow your case and liaise with the Home Office on your behalf, to investigate the reasons for the delay.

If you currently hold a UK visa and have applied for an extension before the end of your authorised stay, you can stay in the country until you receive an answer from the UKVI. If you are worried about your current immigration status or the delay on your application, you can get in touch with our customer care team.

I wish to visit the UK. Can your immigration specialists in Birmingham help me?

Depending on their nationality, international visitors may need a visa to enter the UK. Whether your reason to travel to the UK, our Birmingham immigration specialists will be happy to assist.

For example, if you need to spend some time in the UK for leisure purposes, receiving private medical treatment or attending unpaid business appointments, you can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa.

Alternatively, if you have been invited to the UK for business purposes, we can help you submit your Business Visitor Visa application.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your circumstances. We can assess your case and investigate the best vita for your needs.

I need to submit my application within a strict deadline. Can you help me?

If you are worried about meeting a deadline in time, or anxious about getting a response from the Home Office, our immigration lawyers in Birmingham can help you.

With our Fast-Track Application Package, you can benefit from a bespoke, premium service, designed for ensuring that your application is submitted in time to meet any deadline.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive application guidance and documentation check
  • Assistance in completing every part of your application forms
  • Booking a Home Office’s Same-Day Premium Service slot on your behalf
  • Monitoring the status of your application and liaising with the Home Office

Call us on 0121 667 6530 or enquire online to receive a fast-track solution to all your immigration issues.

Can an immigration lawyer in Birmingham help me extend my stay in the UK?

Your visa is set to expire after a fixed amount of time. However, if you meet specific requirements, you may be granted permission to remain. The procedure of extending your UK visa depends on the type of permit that you hold.

If your visa is going to expire any time soon, you must act as quickly as possible. If you overstay your permit, you may face several legal consequences, including deportation or being banned from entering the UK for several years.

To ensure that your UK visa extension application is safely submitted, and to avoid any delay in this process, you should seek the advice of an immigration expert.

Our immigration lawyers in Birmingham will be happy to perform a check to verify the validity of your visa, and then file and complete your extension application forms on your behalf. We will also liaise with the Home Office until your case is successfully closed.

I wish to apply for a UK Visa. What are the required supporting documents?

When applying for a UK visa, you must submit a bundle of documents to demonstrate your eligibility. In additions, all records that are not written in English or Welsh must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Your dedicated immigration lawyer can help you compile your bundle of supporting document. This must contain proof of your identity, criminal and immigration history, such as:

  • Your passport or any valid travel document
  • Photographs
  • Marriage licenses
  • A written statement from your parents or legal guardians (if the applicant is under the age of 18)
  • An official job offer from a company based in the UK
  • A valid offer for a place at a university in the UK
  • Bank statements to demonstrate that you can support yourself financially during your stay in the UK
  • Proof of correspondence with your partner
  • Any evidence that you think may highlight your eligibility

We're here to help. You can call us, email us, visit one of our multiple offices or speak to us via Live Chat! Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your home country, you may need a visa to travel to the UK.

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens may come to the UK visa-free for the purposes of a holiday or short visit for up to 90 days. You will be required to present your passport at the UK border.

Citizens of other countries may need to apply for a visa to enter the UK. Use the official Gov.uk page to check if you need a UK visa.

Although there are several competent immigration specialists in the UK, you should entrust your case only with the right professional, whose knowledge is relevant to your situation.

Our Birmingham immigration lawyers are committed to offering dedicated and professional advice to all our clients. Our services are specifically tailored to your circumstances, and you will be paired with a specialist who suits your needs and knows how to handle your case proficiently.

Our UK immigration specialists are always available to work around what is best for you, even if you are not able to meet us in one of our offices.

With the aid of the latest technology, we can set up phone or Skype meetings with your allocated immigration adviser. You can also speak to our customer service team through our live chat, or enquire online to ask for a callback.

It is a criminal offence for a person to provide immigration advice in the UK unless working for an organisation that is regulated by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner). This is an executive public body which regulates immigration services in this country. Its role is also to ensure that all professionals working in this industry are competent enough to act in the best interest of their clients.

We only employ the best immigration lawyers in Birmingham, who are experienced and trained to the highest standards. Their knowledge of UK immigration law will be decisive in making your application successful, and we can ensure that you will receive only the most expert and professional advice on your case.